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Green Living

        Summer Cool Winter Warm

The wind chill from a good quality ceiling fan helps keep you comfortable in warm weather and makes you feel up to 4 degrees Celsius cooler than you would without a fan.

On cold days, when a heater is used to warm a room, a ceiling fan in winter mode can gently recirculate the warm air trapped at ceiling level towards floor level, providing an even comfortable temperature throughout the room.

        Energy Efficient

A well designed ceiling fan with a good quality motor can help you save up to 47% on cooling costs and up to 15% on heating costs. In summer, when a ceiling fan is used in conjunction with air conditioning, the thermostat of your air conditioner can be set at a higher temperature, using less electricity without sacrificing comfort. In winter, the recirculation of warm air allows you to lower the thermostat setting on your heater.

        Sophisticated Green Living

Who says that green living means compromise? Our extensive range of ceiling fans not only brings energy efficient comfort to every home, the products are also well designed, look stunning and match with any interior decor. A ceiling fan is generally the first object a person will see when entering a room, so why not choose a fan with a design that suits your style and begin a greener lifestyle now? A good ceiling fan means less air-conditioning and brings the feel of a gentle natural breeze into your home.